Married Life by Agrikler 1825

Spooase yev accomplished yer pwint—spooase yev vound out what the ways meent, Beginning wi dearly beloved, and endin in coorse with amazement. Ef yer bad temper and whims yo vind yev got moor than yer match in g Ef still o billin and cooin, yo gets moor o claain and scratchin ; Ef yo expected perfection, and vind yev got nothin uncommen ; ‘ Ef what you thought wer a angel turns out vor to be buta…

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Wassailing Time, Irene Thomas 1992

On vrosty nights near Christmas,

We all went out t’ zing,

“While Shepherds watched” – “The Vust Noel,”

“Y’ere we’m cum wassailing”.

We huddled een the doorways,

Tinglin’ wi’ the cowld,

But meakin’ zure we zung they carols,

Jist like days of wold!

Oone pleace we always went to,

Were down t’ Tanyard  Varm,

Two Carols zung outside the door,

An’oone eenzide in’t waarm.

The sweet wold lady standing’…

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‘ooohs’ and ‘arrrhs’ Irene Thomas 1982

‘ooohs’ and ‘arrrhs’ Irene Thomas 1982

Whenever Volks talk of the country,

Especially the south and west

They d’ speak of the ‘ooohs and arrrhs’

And will tell ee tha’s what they like best.

Fred een next door had bin shoppin’,

He’d brought ‘im a super new car,

” do ee like un me dear?” he did ask ‘em

An ‘ all they could say were, “oooh-arrrh!”

Bob called een the tavern at lunch time,

“Have ee cum ver a cup o’good char?
Or du ee want ver…

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Knob’s and Cheese’s (Irene Thomas, 1982)

Knob’s and Cheese’s (Irene Thomas, 1982)

Have ee iver tried they Darset Knob’s
They really take the biscuit
Along wi’a nice big hunk ‘chesse,
If yer digestion care’s t’risk it!

There be queuing ivery Monday,
Where they d’ zell the cheeses
And du buy jist what they pleases!

All sarts and flavours be o zale,
Zumtimes Blue Vinney -smelly,
The cheese be the best een all the ‘Vale,
As the M.M>B will tell ee!

An’when you git whome vrom Market.

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Zummer by Philip Pulman


” Then Summer came, a matron fair. Showering June’s roses on the air. With field-flowers waving everywhere, In meadows bright ; With blissful sounds, with visions rare, A large delighu”— Richard Howitt. Here’s zummer, hot an’ dry, Wi’ scarchin’ day an zwilt’rin night, Th’ zun, lik’ vire sheenin’ bright, In a blue an’ blazin’ sky, Th’ thu’sty groun’s* da parch an’ bake, An’ cracks an’…

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Spring by Philip Pulman

Here’s Spring agen ! 0 happy time, Young an’ zmiling, blith an’ gay, — Days da lingthen, Sunsheene stringthen — * Natur’s cloth’d wi’ verdur prime, An’ pleasant breezes lightly play.

Th’ bonds ev wenter rude be broke, An’ vrost an’ snow be banish’d quite ; Agen es zeen Th’ lears all green — Ver ice-bound vegetation’s woke By th’ zun’s revivin’ yeat and light.

Wi’ daisies fiel’s be dotted o’er,…

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Rhymes in the West of England dialect


You’ve heerd o’ Measter Tupper ? well, I’ve heerd on uii too, And I’ve had his book a lend ma, but I didden rade un droo. When a man begins ta rite, tes ‘mazin how the words ull graw, But a verry littel book ull hould what mooast on us do knaw, Zo I tuk my pen and peaper jest vor to sketch it down, And thaught I’d try and knock up a vew prawverbs o my own.

Noa man es wise…

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Heritage Matters both now and in the future !