As a media friendly conference we thought it may be good to suggest a few useful heritage related podcasts for your delight and delectation.

Your starter for 10 is from our very own Tristan Boyle who is one of our keynote

Boyle podcast

speakers, http://www.anarchaeologist.co.uk/podcast/

Chris Webster is the founder and creator of the Archaeology Podcast Network. Chris has been podcasting archaeology since December 2012. He has a passion for education and for presenting archaeology to the public.

Chris is the host of the CRM Archaeology Podcast(on air since January 2013), Profiles in CRM, and a couple other shows that are in production. Chris also edits several of the shows on the APN.

DIGTECH, Chris’s CRM Archaeology Firm, is an innovative and technically advanced archaeology firm that operates in the Great Basin, western United States. Chris is passionate about bringing technology to archaeology and in making the field more efficient and streamlined.

Chris is the author of the Field Archaeologist’s Survival Guide: Getting a Job and Working in Cultural Resource Management (Left Coast Press, 2014).

Arch network


Series of podcasts examining what we mean by ‘Cultural Heritage’, how the idea of it is transformed by society and indeed transforms society around it and Oxford’s contribution to Cultural Heritage



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