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‘What and when is medieval archaeology’? This is a complicated question that can be tackled from many perspectives. ‘Medieval Archaeology’ in Britain is represented by (among others) the Society for Medieval Archaeology. Their definition is a broad one, stating that their society was established to study: evidence of the past, whether standing buildings, landscapes, buried […]

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Ben and the Butter

You’ve heerd thic tale afor ? well, I beant zurprized at that, Of the man as stoal tha butter, and put et in hes hat : But mebby you’ll excuse ma, ef I tells tha tale agean, Vor thic varmer wer my fiathcr, and thic very man wer Ben. ‘ Ben had been churmin aal tha daay, Churmin, and churmin, and churmin

Churmin, and churmin, and churmin awaay : Vor tha weather wer cowld, and hes vengers wer num,…

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Why is the dialect of Dorset not accepted as part of our heritage?

When people think of their heritage they tend to refer to buildings, archaeology, personal experiences, why is it then that dialect in the West country is overlooked?

Fiddleford Mill

As Brits we associate dialect with many places such as Liverpool, Manchester, Hull and Birmingham, this may be partly due to the movement of people during the  industrial revolution of the 19th century and the demise of traditional…

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Heritage Matters both now and in the future !